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Electric Make up Brush Cleaner - Wash, Clean, Spin & Dry In One Go

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Dirty makeup brushes can not only make you look bad but swiping a bacteria-infested brush all over your face could lead to clogged pores, breakouts, skin irritation and even viral infections.

You could try using one of those flimsy silicone mats where you pour water on the brush, but the problem here is getting them dry quickly enough to avoid any bacteria from growing back. 

The solution? Introducing the Spinn™ makeup brush cleaner machine. This electric brush cleaner is powered by a couple of batteries and uses centrifugal force to get your brushes completely dry after washing them.

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How does this electric makeup brush cleaner device work?

  •  First, you add water to the bowl and pour in a few drops of your preferred makeup cleaning solution or some shampoo. 
  • Using one of the eight included collars, attach the brush to the spinner
  • Dip the brush in the water, turn on the spinner, and let it spin for a few seconds
  • No more wondering how to dry makeup brushes. Just let the brush spin in the air for it to dry

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  • Does the power handle run on batteries or a wall charger?
    It uses a couple of AAA batteries
  • Is the bowl of the makeup brush cleaner spinner made of glass or plastic?
    PTE material (Special eco-friendly Plastic). More durable and sturdy than glass.
  • How long does it take to clean one foundation brush?
    30 seconds to one minute
  • Do you have to add clean water for every brush?
    No, you can clean several brushes before needing a new batch of cleaning solution
  • Do I need to use some special soap or solution?
    You can purchase professional make up brush cleaner/solution as you wish but you don't have to. Normal soap or shampoo will do wonders. 
  • Will it work with my brush? I have many sizes!
    The Spinn™ automatic makeup brush cleaner includes 8 collars and will fit 95% of makeup brushes. 

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