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piggyback child carrier for daddy

Best Piggyback Rider - Carry Your Child On Your Shoulders Comfortably

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Children love piggyback rides. That's a fact. However, carrying a toddler or child on your shoulders means that you need to firmly grip their ankles to avoid them falling off. 

This invention will solve all your problems. It has a comfy saddle where the child sits on, and his legs are securely strapped while taking a shoulder ride.

baby shoulder carrier feet straps

The saddle's seat is ergonomically designed to make it more difficult for the kid to lean backward.

Industrial Velcro and adjustable buckles secure your child, while the adjustable belt of this piggyback rider fits securely on your chest no matter if you're a size S or an XLarge, up to 53 inches.

This kids carrier is great for enjoying your time outdoors with your son or daughter. 

shoulder carrier back

Where to use the piggy back ride seat?

  • Parks
  • Zoos
  • Street fairs
  • Hikes
  • Concerts
  • Everywhere!

dad shoulder saddlebaby carrier

Child Carrier FAQs

  • What age is this saddle carrier for?

You can use it with toddlers and children 2-5 years old

  • Is the child in danger of falling backwards? 

The child's Legs are strapped in, while the seat is concave with a lip that cradles the kid's rear and positions him forward. 

  • How does this fit on women?

The strap does go right across the chest so definitely designed for men over women. Let dad do all the work while you enjoy the view!

  • What is the maximum weight capacity of your carrier?

A maximum of 44lbs is suggested.

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