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Spider & Critter Catcher - How To Catch A Spider

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Scared of spiders? You're not alone. A study by the  British Journal of Psychiatry classifies fear of spiders as one of the most common phobias.

So, what to do when you find an ugly bug in your home? Instead of filling the room with poison or trying to squish the critter, simply use your Spidygrab™ and trap it in the soft bristles, with no room to escape. 

Once trapped you can either release the insect outdoors or flush it down the toilet. No mess, no problems. 

spider bug catcher trap and release

Besides spiders, with this insect grabber, you can trap all kind of critters, from roaches, crickets, and millipedes to wasps, moths, scorpions, and more. 

Your hands are never near the bug, making it a safe and eco-friendly solution to all your critter problems. 

The Spidygrab™ is easy to use, simply pull the trigger to open the soft bristles and release it to have the bristles surround and enclose the insect, rendering it unable to escape. It can be used by children, adults and seniors.

insect catcher


Spidygrab™ FAQ

  • Will this spider catcher work on other pests like cockroaches/ stink bugs/ water beetles/ etc.?

Yes, it's applications are endless and it works on any insect that can be trapped by the bristles

  • Does the bug catcher kill or harm the insect?

No, it is designed NOT to kill the insect. As soon as you release the trigger, it opens the bristles and the spider or bug can walk away.

  • What's to stop the insect from crawling up this critter catcher and onto you while you're trying to get them outside?

The design completely encapsulates the insect, without harming it. The critter trap is 25" long, and an average adult's arm is also 25", so your body will be almost 4 feet away from the bug you are trying to catch. 

  • Does this spider grabber work to catch spiders that are on my carpet?

Yes it does.

bug catcher


Color: White&Green.
Size: 25" 
Material: Plastic.

spider catcher specs

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